In April last year, a Dubai license plate sold for a staggering 55 million UAE dirhams or $14.9 million, setting a record as the most expensive license plate ever sold. That plate has now found a home and unsurprisingly, it has been affixed to a very striking vehicle; a Rolls-Royce Cullinan comprehensively modified by Mansory.

This particular Cullinan has been adorned with the tuner’s bodykit but has been also further customized, making it a one-off. Mansory refers to it as the ‘Linea D’Oro’ and is finished in an eye-catching two-tone paint scheme.

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The front half of the luxurious SUV sports a lovely turquoise shade that extends across the fascia, front quarter panels, and the front half of the doors. Mansory has added a forged carbon fiber hood with a handful of golden accents, perfect for a city as wealthy and as excessive as Dubai.

 $15 Million Dubai License Plate Sits On A Mansory Rolls-Royce Cullinan

From the center of the front doors, the turquoise paint gradually shifts to a stealthy shade of matte black which dominates the rear of the SUV. The same forged carbon fiber and gold accents found up front continue across the rear, including the diffuser and the decklid lip spoiler. The owner has also had the Rolls fitted with a set of lovely gloss black wheels and all of the windows have been tinted to maximize privacy. One particularly interesting part of the SUV’s design is the clear Spirit of Ecstacy badge up front with a light turquoise tinge.

Numerous changes have also been made to the Cullinan’s interior, including having the seats, door panels, steering wheel, and much of the dashboard clad in turquoise leather. Complementing the exterior finish are several carbon fiber parts with gold accents.