While Formula One Management recently rejected the Andretti Cadillac bid to enter the sport, General Motors has revealed that it continues to work on the project and remains “confident” of a future entry into F1.

The Andretti Cadillac F1 bid was provisionally approved by the FIA in October but was rejected by Formula One Management (FOM), the commercial rights holder of the series, last month. FOM questioned the competitiveness of the team in its rejection statement.

While recently speaking with reporters, GM vice president of performance and motorsport Jim Campbell said the team has requested a meeting with F1 after an IT error meant it missed an email from FOM in December seeking talks. He added that work on the team’s planned F1 car continues “at pace.”

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 GM And Andretti Still Developing F1 Car Despite Being Rejected
Michael Andretti

“In terms of our application with Andretti, we feel great about our application,” he told Autosport. “The FIA studied it against other applicants, and then gave our application a vote of confidence and approval. So obviously the FOM made their statement, and we have asked for a follow-up meeting with FOM, and so we will work through that. We do believe between Andretti and Cadillac that we have got the capability of fielding a competitive entry.”

“We are not saying that it is easy, but we do between our two organizations have examples in our history of where we have been successful in other motorsports categories, and that is true of Cadillac and Andretti,” Campbell added. “With that said, our joint teams are continuing to develop our car at pace. So, that is where we are at.”

While FOM rejected the Andretti Cadillac bid to enter the sport in 2026, it left the door open for a potential entry in 2028 when GM plans to make its own powertrain, allowing Andretti Cadillac to be a works team. Had the team been granted a spot on the grid earlier, it would have used Renault engines for the 2025, 2026, and 2027 seasons before switching to GM power the following year.

 GM And Andretti Still Developing F1 Car Despite Being Rejected